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Omoplata Armbar

Matt Darcy • 2m 56s

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  • Omoplata To Sit Out Armlock

    In this video Matt Darcy continues his omoplata training block with the sit out armlock. When setting up the omoplata normally this is for an opponent with a strong base and hard to break down. He hips out till he is perpendicular to his opponent, figure fours his legs and feeding his head side ...

  • Omoplata Back Take

    When Setting up the armbar from the omoplata position Matt will often opt to take the back instead. He will weave his top leg through the opening and take his bottom leg out. You can then sit up for top back position with one hook in, or hip escape and pull them into your lap.

  • Triangle Defense Fundamentals

    Matt Darcy shows a fundamental triangle defense. Immediately when the triangle is attempted he makes his knee and elbow connection with strong posture. Two hands come up to the knee and driving upward to break the triangle. He then drives his knee over this opponents leg to prevent another trian...