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Triangle Defense Fundamentals

Matt Darcy • 7m 22s

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  • Crucifix Omoplata

    While in the omoplata position Matt will throw his body across the back of his partner. He then feeds the far lapel into his hand and ratchets his elbow into the small of his opponents back. His other hand will grab the horse collar and to finish he circles away from his opponent finishing the o...

  • Omoplata Setup To Monoplata

    Matt Darcy starts with one of his favorite omoplata setups from shallow lasso guard. When his opponent attempts to posture he goes with their momentum and back rolls, ending in the top position sitting on their chest. He then “rings the towel” ensuring full immobilization of the arm as he donkey...

  • Closed Guard Sleeve Drag - Part Three...

    When attempting to perform the sleeve drag, some may recognize and avoid it by locking their elbow down into your hip. When this happens Matt Darcy put a foot on the hip ramping his hips up which also lifts that arm. When he then attempts the pendulum sweep that downward force they are applying ...