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Cross Body Armbar Thread 2

Dave Camarillo • 2m 54s

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  • Cloak and Dagger Thread 1

    This is a coordination lesson for the student to get their bodies to move in and out of guard submissions.
    In this video you will be combining the Basics of Cloak and Dagger with the Omoplata Sweep in transition
    to the Rule Of Six Cross Body System.

  • Cloak And Dagger Thread 2

    In this lesson, Dave teaches how to Turn The Tide against an opponent's guard pass and mount. He then
    transitions into the Cloak and Dagger using the same Omoplata Sweep to hit the Rule Of Six’s deadly Elbow
    Shredder Armlock!

  • Cloak And Dagger Thread 3

    This Thread starts standing with a dynamic guard pull. From here you execute the Cloak and Dagger system using the infamous Scissor Sweep. One quick dismount later Dave dynamically transitions to the RULE OF SIX’s
    killer Submission: The Fulcrum Finish!