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Combative Distance Thread - Part 3 - Damage Control Clinch in Closed Guard

Combatives Jiu-Jitsu Program • 2m 22s

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  • Combative Distance Thread - Part 1 - ...

    Matt Darcy teaches the jab during fundamental combative jiu-jitsu class. We use this to start the distance control thread we have been working on for the last two weeks.

  • Combative Distance Thread - Part 2 - ...

    Matt Darcy teaches the 2nd part of our thread. We use the jab to make our opponent predictable and give us a reactive shot opportunity to take our opponent down.

    Date: 8/22/2018
    Instructor: Matt Darcy
    Location: Guerrilla Jiu-Jitsu San Jose

  • Combative Distance Thread - Part 4 - ...

    In this part of the thread your opponent doesn't follow you to the ground and remains standing and punching. Matt Darcy controls the hips with his guard and uses a Power Sweep (aka Tripod Sweep) to sweep his pressuring opponent