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New Releases

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New Releases
  • Rude Mount System - Long Step to Rude Mount Armlock

    Matt Darcy shows how to do the long step correctly when an opponent turns into you in side control. Then he shows how to secure both elbows and transition to the rude mount system.

  • Collar Lasso Guard - Sweep to Single Leg

    Matt Darcy shows the third move in his Collar Lasso Guard System. This counters our opponents knee cut pass.

  • Collar Lasso Guard - Primary Triangle Choke

    Matt Darcy teaches the collar lasso guard and his favorite triangle choke setup.

  • Beginner Essentials - Gift Wrap Back Take

    Starting in the mounted position Matt Darcy explains the transition to the knee pillow position when the partner turns to their side. From here he blocks the elbow with his chest so they cannot turn back to their back. He then gains wrist control, pulling the arm around their head. Rotating fro...

  • Mounted Armbar With Triangle Option

    From side control it is important to keep the near side arm’s elbow off the mat and on your hip. Matt Darcy demonstrates how to intercept the far side arm to be able to clear the way when kicking over. For the armbar post near your opponents legs, clamp your knees together to secure the arm. For...

  • Stack Pass Counter To Crucifix

    When someone attempts a stack pass their goal is to get a leg onto their shoulder to complete the pass. Matt Darcy times this moment, turning to his shoulder and hooking the back of their head with his foot, turns leg side, frees his bottom leg, and comes on top in the crucifix position.

  • Stack Pass Defense To Triangle

    For the defense Matt Darcy spreads his legs wide and heavy to prevent your legs going up on his opponents shoulders. He then walks his shoulders backwards to get his feet on the hips. He hips out, circles one leg in, and shoots his triangle.

  • Stack Pass Escape

    In this stack pass escape Matt Darcy times it for right when their hands connect. When they do he extends his body, pushes the hands upward, and frees his knees from their hold.

  • Armbar Defense Fundamentals

    Matt Darcy goes over the fundamental steps to defending the armbar.

  • Omoplata Armbar

    When in the omoplata position Matt will sit onto his leg side hip, weaving his top leg through the opponents side opening and doubling up on the wrist to finish the armbar.

  • Omoplata To Sit Out Armlock

    In this video Matt Darcy continues his omoplata training block with the sit out armlock. When setting up the omoplata normally this is for an opponent with a strong base and hard to break down. He hips out till he is perpendicular to his opponent, figure fours his legs and feeding his head side ...

  • Omoplata Back Take

    When Setting up the armbar from the omoplata position Matt will often opt to take the back instead. He will weave his top leg through the opening and take his bottom leg out. You can then sit up for top back position with one hook in, or hip escape and pull them into your lap.

  • Triangle Defense Fundamentals

    Matt Darcy shows a fundamental triangle defense. Immediately when the triangle is attempted he makes his knee and elbow connection with strong posture. Two hands come up to the knee and driving upward to break the triangle. He then drives his knee over this opponents leg to prevent another trian...

  • Crucifix Omoplata

    While in the omoplata position Matt will throw his body across the back of his partner. He then feeds the far lapel into his hand and ratchets his elbow into the small of his opponents back. His other hand will grab the horse collar and to finish he circles away from his opponent finishing the o...

  • Omoplata Setup To Monoplata

    Matt Darcy starts with one of his favorite omoplata setups from shallow lasso guard. When his opponent attempts to posture he goes with their momentum and back rolls, ending in the top position sitting on their chest. He then “rings the towel” ensuring full immobilization of the arm as he donkey...

  • Closed Guard Sleeve Drag - Part Three - Pendulum Sweep

    When attempting to perform the sleeve drag, some may recognize and avoid it by locking their elbow down into your hip. When this happens Matt Darcy put a foot on the hip ramping his hips up which also lifts that arm. When he then attempts the pendulum sweep that downward force they are applying ...

  • Closed Guard Sleeve Drag - Part Two - Crash Sweep To S-Mount

    After dragging the arm across, the opponent may attempt to correct the move and square up to avoid the back take. When this happens Matt Darcy uses his free hand to reach across the back, into the far armpit to lock them down, and use their momentum to sweep them into the other direction. From t...

  • Closed Guard Sleeve Drag - Part One - Back Take

    Matt Darcy Shows a grip break using the joystick grip to then punch the arm across to expose his partners back for back take from closed guard.

  • Transition To Mount From Side Control And Finishing With The Cross Choke

    Matt Darcy shows how to transition to mount from side control then goes over the cross choke with a fine tooth comb to make sure every attempt is a high percentage finish.

  • Post And Hook Single Leg To Double Leg TakeDown

    Matt Darcy shows the post and hook single leg and the reasoning for which hand he uses to post on his opponent. He then demonstrates a double leg to use when the single leg takedown gives you trouble.

  • Knee On Belly Lapel Wrap Ezekiel Choke

    The higher level you go up against training partners start to recognize and defend against baseball bat chokes well. Matt Darcy instead wraps the lapel around the arm so when they pull it out it creates a loop with the lapel that he then feeds his own hand into to get an Ezekiel choke.

  • Post Hook Single Leg Takedown

    Matt Darcy shows an entree into the single leg by posting on their chest making their front leg light. This entry is especially useful in situations where you may not want to get into grip fighting with your opponent or for the use in nogi.

  • Kouchi Gari Drill

    In this video Matt Darcy shows some drills to develop the proper timing for basic kouchi gari.

  • Kouchi Gari To Single Leg