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Beginner Essentials - Gift Wrap Back Take

Mount • 8m 28s

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  • Mounted Armbar With Triangle Option

    From side control it is important to keep the near side arm’s elbow off the mat and on your hip. Matt Darcy demonstrates how to intercept the far side arm to be able to clear the way when kicking over. For the armbar post near your opponents legs, clamp your knees together to secure the arm. For...

  • Closed Guard Sleeve Drag - Part Two -...

    After dragging the arm across, the opponent may attempt to correct the move and square up to avoid the back take. When this happens Matt Darcy uses his free hand to reach across the back, into the far armpit to lock them down, and use their momentum to sweep them into the other direction. From t...

  • Transition To Mount From Side Control...

    Matt Darcy shows how to transition to mount from side control then goes over the cross choke with a fine tooth comb to make sure every attempt is a high percentage finish.