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Triangle Fundamentals In Detail - Part 2

Matt Darcy • 4m 51s

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  • Butterfly Guard Shoulder Lock Hook Sweep

    Matt Darcy shows another hook sweep from butterfly guard, this time with a shoulder lock grip. He uses the frame of his arm to help assist the push/pull of the sweep. If the opponent attempt to regain posture Matt comes up with them, kicks out their base so he is able to attempt the sweep again.

  • Butterfly Guard Underhook Clinch Hook...

    Matt Darcy shows how to get the hook sweep, this time from the butterfly guard. At times the opponent will stand on the opposite leg to prevent the sweep. When this happens kicking out the thigh of that leg will allow the continuation of the hook sweep.

  • Closed Guard Underhook Clinch - Part 2

    In this part of his closed guard underhook clinch system, Matt Darcy shows how to instead sweep to mount when his opponent lifts their knee off the mat.