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Closed Guard Sleeve Drag - Part One - Back Take

Matt Darcy • 3m 51s

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    Matt Darcy shows how to transition to mount from side control then goes over the cross choke with a fine tooth comb to make sure every attempt is a high percentage finish.

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    Matt Darcy shows the post and hook single leg and the reasoning for which hand he uses to post on his opponent. He then demonstrates a double leg to use when the single leg takedown gives you trouble.

  • Knee On Belly Lapel Wrap Ezekiel Choke

    The higher level you go up against training partners start to recognize and defend against baseball bat chokes well. Matt Darcy instead wraps the lapel around the arm so when they pull it out it creates a loop with the lapel that he then feeds his own hand into to get an Ezekiel choke.