Double Collar Back Control System

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  • Double Collar Back System Lesson 1: Control

    This is the introduction to Dave Camarillo’s Double Collar Back System. Here he outlines the aspects of why this pinning system is so potent. The pin is the greatest display of control; this system is a great example of that.

  • Double Collar Back System Lesson 2: Attacks

    Since the control aspect of the system is outlined in the previous lesson it is time to finish your opponent. The control from the back leads to the neck and the arm. The seamless transition makes escape a difficult venture!

  • Double Collar Back System Lesson 3: Transition

    With this lesson, you will add another avenue to cut off your opponent’s escape. As they move away from you, you will be effortlessly transitioning to the mounted position. In this case, you will end up in a strong attacking position using the system’s grips to your advantage and your opponent’s ...